Tips and Tricks in Wearing A Bow Necklace

If you are thinking about buying a bow necklace, then you should know some things about them first. You don’t want to buy something you don’t really have an idea on how to use it properly. This is particularly true to accessories wherein one mistake can leave you looking strikingly odd. One of the things that you should know about them is how to pair them with the right attire. Bow necklaces are just one of the many necklaces out there today. Hence, it can really shine and give you the attraction you desire when worn with the right attire.

Pairing Tips For Bow Necklaces

  • Low Cut Tops Work – If you want to show off the bow tie necklace, then you need to wear a low cut top. The reason for doing this is because seeing a necklace is much easier when your skin is its backdrop. Just make sure that the bow necklace is not too long that it hides inside your top because that won’t do anything for you and it will take away from your ensemble.
  • Match Shoes With Necklace Material – Something that many women forget to do is match the shoes with the necklace. A good rule of thumb is that your shirt has to match your pants and your shoes have to match your shirt, which also will include a necklace.
  • Accentuate With Bracelet – If you can find a matching bow necklace and bracelet, then you should wear them both at the same time. The point of doing this is to accentuate the bow necklace with the bracelet.
  • Carry A Purse – One thing that many women forget is to carry a purse with them. A clutch purse will work perfectly here because it is small enough that it won’t take away the attention off your bow necklace.


When you are wearing something like a diamond bow necklace you don’t want anything to distract people and make them look elsewhere. One thing that you could do if you don’t feel that your necklace is seen enough is to invest in a gold bow necklace because those always stand out no matter what you are wearing.

There are a lot of places that you can wear a bow necklace but it is also important to know when and where you should not wear a bow necklace. Being that most people don’t think about all the little things, the list below will give you an idea of where not to wear a bow necklace.

When To Avoid Wearing A Bow Necklace

Around Young Children – The reason you should not wear a bow necklace around children is because they can get their fingers caught in the necklace and break it. If you want to wear your necklace, then just make sure you put it inside your shirt so that nothing happens to it.

Under Jackets – Wearing a bow necklace under a jacket is not a good idea and the reason is because it can get caught on zippers and that can cause it to break. Necklaces are very fragile so you need to make sure that you are wearing them at an ideal time.



With A Woven Sweaters – Similar to jackets, you should not wear a bow necklace with a woven sweater. Many women do this but the problem lies in the fact that the bow will often times get caught in the woven material and sometimes you have to cut the material in order to get the necklace free especially when you are wearing diamond necklace.

A bow necklace is great and an essential accessories these days but it is imperative that you wear it at the right time. Just because you have a bow necklace doesn’t mean you need to wear it all the time, however, if you don’t have a bow necklace as or right now, then you should hurry out and get one.